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The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh


The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (ACE) is a self-managed social resource centre. We’re open for groups or individuals to use who are trying to make a better society and improve their lives. ACE is run collectively by a friendly group. Anyone is welcome to come along to our open meetings which are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:00pm at ACE.

We share a vision of a world without bosses and so try to work together non-hierarchically in a spirit of respect and friendship. By sharing experiences, skills and knowledge, we hope to help each other improve our homes, communities, workplaces and lives. We try to contribute to the struggles going on around the world that aim to transform our society for the better.

Our current main sources of funding are donations and regular fundraising events.  We are a registered charity but we receive grants very rarely. The Edge Fund is meeting our monthly shortfall in running costs for a period of six months, which we will use to build our members base and explore increasing our long-term sources of funding.  Any donations would be much appreciated!  Why not become a member today and support this long-running crucial resource for radical organising in Scotland’s capital?

The Edge Fund has taken a huge weight off our shoulders for six whole months!  It was great to feel comfortable talking about our radical aims with an organisation that supports real systemic change.


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