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Foil Vedanta

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We are grassroots activists from a variety of struggles in Britain and worldwide. We come together here in London to confront and expose the criminal British-Indian mining company Vedanta – which is destroying people’s lives and devastating the land in India, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Zambia, Liberia, South Africa and elsewhere.

We believe in grassroots to grassroots solidarity – linking up determined activists on the front-line wherever Vedanta operates.  We hold demonstrations in London, support other like-minded struggles, visit and establish close links with local resisting groups, and carry out cutting edge research into the company’s activities and atrocities and publish them on our well-read website. We are currently trying to get Vedanta de-listed from the London Stock Exchange for their multiple human rights abuses and illegal operations.

Edge fund is one of the few radical funders which supports grassroots groups. Their support is invaluable to us and it is and it is great to share our stories with the network of groups involved.



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