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8 April Movement

RND13 marching

We are a Direct Action based network whose purpose is to fight ethnicity and class based discrimination and persecution against Travellers, Roma and Gypsies. We came together through Dale Farm Solidarity and Camp Constant resisting the eviction of Dale Farm, and intend to continue working in solidarity with Travellers across the UK and Europe according to the aims and conditions and under the guidance of the communities we cooperate with.

We are currently working with different sites across the UK and we organised the London demo for International Roma Nation Day on the 8th April.

There are many ways to get in touch with us, through our Facebook, Twitter or email us at You can also email us more directly by contacting the suitable working group.

Edge Fund is proving to be a lifeline for small, radical groups facing an uphill struggle against rising tides of racism and intolerance. We are in a fight just to stabilise a society that ‘s going down the slippery slope towards a pitiless exclusion of the poorest and most vulnerable through deportations, evictions and benefit withdrawals. But though its hard to move forward to something better that is where our eyes are fixed.


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