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People and orgs we’ve worked with

People and organisations we’ve worked with

Shilpa Shah
Shilpa is an experienced trainer, facilitator, mentor and strategist, passionate about radical community empowerment, group building and diversity. Her inclusive and creative movement-building work spans people in diverse local groups of women, service users or tenants and residents, to national charities and activist networks. She believes transforming dynamics of power and oppression is central to our personal and collective liberation. Shilpa attended the final meeting of our first round to collect feedback and report back on issues around inclusivity and participation. If you or your organisation would like to contact Shilpa about her work you reach her on shilpa shah 23 (all one word) AT gmail DOT com.

Miss Badchild
Miss Badchild created the beautiful poster for our launch event which we’ve used for other fliers and also this website! She is an illustrator and community artist with an interest in current issues i.e environment, supporting community projects. She loves creating drawings and a range different materials, to illustrate positive and explore alternative ideas. Working with young people to explore the art medium and creating vibrant and colorful murals.

Rhizome Collective
Perry is an excellent facilitator from the Rhizome Collective who has facilitated a few of our meetings.

Camden Town Brewery


Riseup (email and lists)

This is a free website

Footprint printers co-op (leaflets)

Calverts printers co-op

MyPrint247 (‘business’ cards)

GoCardLess (for collecting monthly donations)

Triodos Bank (savings account)

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Venues we’ve used

Greenside Community Centre (London)

Stockwell Community Centre (London)

Finsbury Park Community Hub (London)

Caxton House (London)

Covent Garden Community Centre/ Seven Dials Club (London)

Arts Admin (London)

Toynbee Hall (London)

African and Caribbean Network Centre (Glasgow)

Friends Meeting House (Manchester)

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (Manchester)

Secular Hall (Leicester)

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