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Statements of support

The idea of a network of people pooling money to financially support those causes and campaigns that often find it hard to get funding is a great one and one that I’m surprised hasn’t been set up already! The group I belong to often finds it difficult to find sources of funding that will allow us to carry out our vital work without limiting it in some way. The Edge Fund doesn’t do that and is aimed at groups like ours who can’t get mainstream support.

Sitting down with other applicants and working out with them how to allocate the funds was a unique and fascinating experience. Not only did I get an insight on how difficult it is to decide how best to financially support a wide range of worthwhile causes but the process enabled me to meet activists from many different campaigns and groups. So not only did we come away from the process with some much needed funds but we also strengthened our network of contacts!
Phill, Unity Centre

DPAC welcomes and strongly supports the EDGE fund principles and ways of working – lets hope that EDGE fund leads the way to a more democratic way of allocating funds to grass roots groups at the forefront of change. We wholeheartly support EDGE and we urge others to too.
Debbie Jolly. Disabled People Against the Cuts

Most funders do not support campaigns which seek to change the system. It is great to have the support of The Edge Fund for radical campaigning to end government support of the DSEi arms fair in London.
Stop the Arms Fair

The formation of the Edge Fund is very welcome and hopefully it will be open and accessible. Of course there are a lot of radical and campaigning groups in Britain and choices have to be made but one of the problems which affect direct action and campaigning groups is that they often consist of people who are themselves suffering from the poverty that capitalism imposes on all but a tiny elite. How the Edge Fund will be able to make most difference with limited resources is a challenge that it will have to face but the idea of involving such groups in the Fund itself is innovative and welcome.
Tony, Brighton and Hove Unemployed Workers Centre

Amongst the horror and oppression caused by Government’s continued tirade of privilege and ponce, it’s a blessing to get good news. The creation of Edge Fund is more than good news, it’s profoundly liberating and revolutionary. Fighting on the battlefields against all the inequalities we face – support, creativity and a pool of inspiring people helps us to find hope in the dark to fight another day. A million thank you’s to all involved and I look forward to seeing more spanners in the works for the powers that be!
dan glass, generally up to no good and mischief maker at The Glass Is Half Full amongst other things.

One of the ways that corporate power is maintained is through its influence over civil society funding. The Edge Fund offers a much needed radical interpretation of how funding should work, where those at the sharp end of capitalism and those seeking systemic change get to decide how the money is spent.
Corporate Watch

There are a wide range of important grassroots projects that often get overlooked by archaic and over-complicated funding processes. With the launch of the Edge Fund we will see funding and support going to the front lines of social and environmental justice struggles across the UK and we are very excited about it.
Barney Francis, Project Coordinator, Upper Space

Edge Fund responds to the urgent need to transform non-profit funding models in support of the radical social change necessary to build sustainable and socially just futures. Grassroots groups organise to address problems that are often seen as too controversial for NGOs. We are often able to do this with greater flexibility, speed and strategic action than well-resourced NGOs. While charities and most NGOs avoid political debates, grassroots groups can focus directly on the political problems that result in social and environmental injustice. Supporting grassroots movements is definitely the most effective way to leverage any financial contribution donors can offer to support social change!
Squatters’ Action for Secure Homes

This is great. An inclusive, alternative source of funding which isn’t afraid to take risks. For the first time a fund involving grassroots activists and local communities in decision making. Very exciting.
Andy Greene. Disabled People Against the Cuts

The ideas for funding the Edge Fund is putting into practice could dramatically change the way in which we are able to fight for justice and liberty in the UK. Making crucial funding available to grassroots initiatives can only drive forward revolutionary organising from the bottom-up, and support movements building Community Power to fight oppressive and racist Power structures.
PEDAL-100 days to Palestine

The launch of the Edge Fund marks an exciting moment for those involved in movements for social justice across the UK. For too long grassroots campaigners have struggled to adequately fund themselves with many groups failing for this reason alone. It could possibly be the best thing that has happened in 2012.
Joe Rake, Transition Heathrow Co-Founder

Could the Edge Fund help redefine the meaning of giving? The first intriguing meeting of the Edge Fund gave me reason to hope it might!
Liz Beech (active in Occupy and

If you like what we’re doing, please let us know!

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