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6 October 2014 – minutes

6 October 2014 – Facilitating Group meeting

Thanks to Isis, Ian, Elena and Cilla for joining. Next call 7.30 Monday 3 November.

1. Co-ordinator role

Everyone was happy with what Cilla wrote about this.

  • Cilla agreed to send it out and collate responses.

2. New member requests – update

There’s been a few responses to the questions/ scoring exercise so far. For some, the extra questions don’t seem to have shed any more light on the person’s politics/ not changed the general feeling about them expressed by members.

It seems a better approach might be to have a conversation with people and as it seems some still aren’t understanding what sort of info we’re looking for. Perhaps it’s an idea to have a team of people taking this task on rather than membership requests being sent to the whole membership and the FG then having to make decisions.

  • Agreed to wait two more weeks and then look at the responses.
  • Agreed to ask people to come forward to help with this, perhaps calling people rather than relying on people to answer questions over the phone. This could mean just adding more people to the Welcome Group.

3. Update on application scoring process

It looks like we won’t have many people taking part in the Advisory Group scoring this time. Some people (in membership and FG) are feeling like the process is a bit lonely and they would prefer to be able to talk to others. It could also be used as a network/ movement building exercise. Something to discuss at the Round 4 review.

4. Board members

Concerns were raised that Sophie should be on the board as our only member of staff; if she’s not it might slow down the process at the end of the year when accounts need to be signed and having her on the board would mean it has a better knowledge of every day operations of Edge. However, Sophie will still be Secretary and co-ordinator so generally we felt not being on the board wouldn’t make much difference, especially since the board don’t have a decision-making role at Edge, and also it doesn’t seem like standard practice to have paid employees on non-profit boards.

  • Agreed Sophie will come off board (as discussed at AGM) and to review this after the year end.

5. Brief update on Christina

Christina has been in touch with her latest situation.

  • Agreed we need to be compassionate when considering any repayment plans. Will follow up with her in 3 months if we haven’t heard anything.

6. Thoughts on paying members for jobs – clearer criteria?

Agreed we will deal with this when we work on the job descriptions for the new paid roles (if that goes ahead).

7. Update on Working Groups

In September, there were two communications group meetings, one fundraising, one sharing and one influencing funders. The welcome group only had two people available so it didn’t go ahead.

8. New Economics Foundation/ Compass

NEF/ Compass have asked us to help organise an session to share the results of their Movement Review, in which they asked NGOs and grassroots groups about various aspects of the ‘progressive movement’. An aspect of this is exploring the idea of small, grassroots groups accessing the resources of larger groups (office space, meeting rooms, printers etc). Some concerns about potential exploitative/ harmful relationships between NGOs and grassroots groups.

  • Agreed this was worth exploring so long as they are genuine in their desire to help grassroots groups on their terms and are prepared to cover our costs (they are basically asking us act as brokers/ consultants). We can have a call with them to discuss how the session might be run but we felt we should probably host it, with them having some time to present.

9. Babylon Soul Cafe, micro-festival

We’ve been offered a session, perhaps a talk or workshop, at this small festival. Hopefully there would be a few dozen like-minded people at the session. Capacity to plan and run the session is an issue though.

  • Agreed to ask if any members would like to take this on (we could pay if needed)

10. Institute of Fundraising National Convention

Institute of Fundraising are calling for papers for their annual conference which is attended by 2,500 fundraisers from Europe. It could be an interesting place to talk about power, money, fundraising, grant-making. Deadline for paper is 10 October.

  • Agreed we would give this a go.
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