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6 November 2014 – minutes

Fundraising Group meeting
Thursday 6 November 2014
Present: Patrick (for first 2 points), Joe, Cath, Sophie

1. Getting media coverage
Andrew Bibby has written some good articles about Network for Social Change and has an interest in co-operative models. Patrick will contact him and cc Joe who could more easily meet him in London. Other members could go to, would be good to have 2 or 3. The angle would probably be about having a pioneering approach. Could he possibly be invited to a final funding day?

  • Patrick will email Andrew and propose a meeting

2. Funding for staff
We have put in a tender to Lankelly Chase to do some work for them around engaging people with ‘severe and multiple disadvantage’ – work which is really important for us too. If we are successful (we have an interview next week) maybe there might be the possibility of funding for staff for us in future. Oak Foundation might also be a possibility. We’d need to put in a concept note first. The Facilitating Group will be working on a proposal for a staff structure to be presented at members meeting in January. Perhaps it might be possible to circulate the proposal before then so we can get going on fundraising for it since it can take a long time to get funding in place?

  • Patrick will look into applying to Oak and see if there are any contacts for us to approach directly

3. Crowdfund
Although we didn’t reach the £20,000 target, £5,000 is still a lot for us and we felt it was a worthwhile thing to do, especially as we have reached people who may be able to support us again in future. We’d probably need to wait a good while before doing it again (a year’s time?) We need to get in touch with the people who donated.

We were happy with the Facilitating Group proposal to use £2,500 to fund the next 5 applicants just outside the short-list (eg coming in at 26-30), and keeping £2,500 to top up the small grants.

  • Joe will draft a thank you email to crowdfund donors
  • We will follow this up again when we publicise the funded groups of this round and ask them to consider making a monthly donation

4. Fundraising event in January
Joe is happy to take a lead on organising a fundraising event in January. This could possibly be after the members meeting in January as it would save on venue hire if we could hire for the whole day (Finsbury Park charge £300 for 9am to midnight). Whilst people might be tired after an all day meeting, the main aim of the event is for people new to Edge to come along and find out more about us. We could possibly have some high profile speakers alongside grassroots groups and funded groups. Some members might not be happy about some of the high profile people.

  • Joe will put together a proposal to send to Cath before sending to the members list. Will ask for people to help organising the event and to suggest ideas for performers etc. Maybe some can help provide food, raffle prizes, sound system etc?

5. Move Your Donation
On second thoughts, we thought that maybe the campaign asking people to move their money from big named NGOs to Edge/ grassroots groups might be a bit controversial.  It’s also unlikely we’d find the time to organise and run a campaign before Christmas. Instead we’d like to write a blog post in the New Year asking people to consider support grassroots/ radical social change groups as their New Year’s Resolution and rather than openly criticising big charities instead talk about how much money goes to ‘charities’ and what a difference it would make if just eg 5% of that was diverted to the grassroots. Should emphasise that we are not saying that people should stop supporting groups that feed and shelter people etc, but that they should also try to support work that creates real change too as both are needed and the latter is massively underfunded (partly due to the way the charity system works in the UK).

There are some good stats on the NCVO website, for example, there are over 161,000 voluntary organisations (by this they mean registered charities) in the UK, their total income in 2011/12 was £39.2 billion. There are 533 charities in the UK with an annual turnover of over £10 million. More up to date stats on gov website (although it says total income £63 billion).

  • Cath will draft an blog on this

6. Radical Sharing Forum
We have someone filming at the Forum this weekend and will try to get some good stuff that can be used for future fundraising.

Next meeting date: Thursday 11 December 7pm via Skype or phone

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