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31 May 2015 – minutes

Influencing Funders meeting

Present: Rose, Stuart, Susan and Ian

Updates from the Funding Network from Susan

Patrick went to considerable lengths to submit a project that wasn’t accepted.

They say they want more systemic stuff, but so far no luck.

CEO is leaving, so not the right moment to push it now – wait until new person is in.
There may be another opportunity tomorrow at a photography exhibition, Susan will report back.

EDGE Funders Alliance Europe

Rose updated the group with the developments, as she is on the group that is developing the July meeting of this network.
The European meeting will aim to establish an Alliance network in Europe.
There are many concerns about representation at the meeting, and we talked about other European events where there have been no wheelchair users, people of colour… It’s a real issue.
However it’s a really good forum to meet donors and people who we may be able to support and challenge to change their funding practices, as well as a good network for funding the type of work we do.
Rose and Isis will be going and will make sure that issues of participation, power and representation are strongly made.
Rose will update the group with the aims and programme of the meeting next week when this is finalised and sent round.
Ian suggest that one thing we could push for is ensure that the Steering Committee this year will get re-elected next year. (So that even if this time a unrepresentative group is appointed, we can work to address this over the coming year.)
Ian also pointed out that language barriers are a major issue at these types of events, so we’ll have to think of ways of overcoming this.

Radical Ways of Giving
Stuart has sent his article on radical ways of giving (attached).
This work goes into detail about Edge and the article was published in the investors newsletter for Rootstock:

We’re hoping this may bring in some enquiries and interest in Edge.

National Fundraising Convention

Sophie, Nim and Rose will be presenting at the Institute of Fundraising’s National Fundraising Convention in July.
The audience will be fundraisers, and the theme of the session is Funding and Power.
We had a good chat about the way that fundraisers are in a position of power themselves, sometimes presenting a barrier between donors and communities.
Therefore we intend to challenge some common fundraising practices that may put the donors at the centre as opposed to the people that the charity is supposed to represent.

Influencing Funders update to AGM
Ian pointed it out that it would be useful to do an update for the Edge Fund AGM in Manchester in July.
Rose will get the ball rolling with this, and send something round for people to add to.

Best time for meetings
We talked about how our erratic schedules makes it hard to set one specific date and time for everyone. Susan can’t do Wednesday evenings or Sunday mornings. Stuart can’t really do Wednesday evenings, and working hours aren’t ideal. So we’ll try to avoid Wednesdays.
Rose will send round a doodle for the June meeting in a separate email.
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