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27 October 2012 – minutes


SP (co-ordinator)
MB (funder)
SF (housing co-ops)
AS (refugee solidarity, funder)
SD (mining)

A small group of six Edge Fund members met 27 October 2012 to discuss several points; looking over the Rules, the application procedure, the launch party, whether we need a vision statement, reaching beyond the usual suspects and a final point about applying for funds for Edge Fund core costs.

It was previously agreed that we would register as a Community Benefit Society. At the time of the decision we thought we would not need directors but subsequently found out that we have to appoint at least three. In the Rules we have the provision for the Directors to delegate their powers. However, by law, they can revoke the delegation.

The following decisions were made:

  • Directors should be elected every year and that whilst directors can be re-elected they cannot stay in post for more than six consecutive years.
  • We will use an Edge member office address as our registered address.
  • The quorum for meetings will be 25% or 10, whichever lower
  • We’ll include provision to pay directors, only as agreed by membership


  • We’ll check whether we need to include explicit wording about giving grants
  • Check whether objects need to be amended so clear Edge Fund is a fund, not that fund is separate to the organisation
  • Correct typos

We will also have Secondary Rules, which will include:

  • Directors to represent different constituents of Edge (donors, activists, community organisers)
  • Quorum for Facilitating Group
  • Treasurer and bookkeeper

We discussed the fact that the Edge co-ordinator has not yet been paid the 1 day per week as agreed in a previous meeting, mostly because we have only just got a bank account with some money in it. A back-dated payment will be made to cover this.

Application process
It was agreed that the co-ordinator will eliminate applications that clearly don’t meet our criteria, running this past the Facilitating Group when unclear. The whole membership will be involved in short-listing for the first round, we will assess how well this works and amend as necessary for the next round.

Applicant groups will have the option to apply through written, video, audio or presentation at the meeting. Where needed, those who wish to present will have a buddy/ mentor from Edge to help them. All applicant groups will be invited to attend even if they don’t want to present.

Launch party
It was agreed we will have a launch party Saturday 15 December in London. We are looking in to venues. We would like to aim for a budget of £500, potentially with an additional sessional fee for organisers. We hope to have 50-100 people attend. We felt that asking people to bring food to share would be more inline with our values than providing food and charging at the door.

Accepting donations
Everyone in the group was happy with what has been proposed regarding accepting donations. For online donations, there is a line above the PayPal button that says by making a donation you agree with the statements on the website which cover agreeing with values, funds not coming from unethical sources and not attempting to influence Edge with the donation or use it to benefit the donor in any other way. See:

It was agreed that having a short vision statement would be useful. One has already been written but needs some work. Once it is complete, it will be circulated to the Edge members on the email list for comment.

Reaching communities most affected by injustice
To reach beyond the usual suspects and get funding to the people who are most affected by inequality and injustice, we will need to make a prolonged, concerted effort. It was agreed that we would pay for a community outreach worker for a limited time to help with outreach. We will write a brief job description and send this to the Edge list.

Funding for Edge
There was a discussion about possibly applying for funds for Edge to cover core costs, including salaries for co-ordinator and community outreach worker. However, it was felt it was too soon to look in to this.

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