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27 March 2015 – minutes

Influencing Funders call
Present: Rose, Sophie, Isis, Patrick, Susan, Ian
1. Edge Funders Alliance
Isis updated the group on the event she’s taking part in next week. She was originally going to undertake some Power and Privilege training but the groups have been combined so now she’s facilitating a workshop with some other groups. However the P&P theme is incorporated into the questions for the workshop, and we had a discussion about these questions.

We decided that one interesting issue was how it is possible for funders to support grassroots organisations without destroying or changing them due to reporting burdens etc. This lead to a discussion about the legal environment – charitable status means that often donors have to ask grantees to demonstrate their activities. There are a lot of nuances in this area but we decided it would be interesting to talk about how to structure funding to allow support of the radical.

2. LankellyChase

Rose and Isis updated the group on their meeting with LankellyChase. We introduced Edge to some of their new members of staff, and discussed some of the challenges of investing in social entrepreneurship, long-term funding, and devolved decision making.

One reason we went was for an update on their Engaging people with lived experiences of severe and multiple disadvantage project. (This was the consultancy project that we bid for but didn’t get.) They will share the final report with us when it’s finally ready, and then we may be able to propose some options where we may be able to address some of the gaps.

We will also consider a proposal to them for funding our staff time in helping with this.

3. Passing on applicants to funders
One of the regular outcomes of meetings with funders is that they want us to pass on applicants in their area of work. However at the moment we don’t have a way of doing this.
Sophie is going to send an email to everyone making sure that they’re ok with having their (basic) info passed on to donors – not their proposals or anything, more like name, location and work area. This won’t raise expectations, but just allow us the possibility to pass info on.
Then we will see what the foundations want, but potentially get them to fund someone to help collect and communicate this info to them.
4. Beacon awards
Rose let the group know how the networking event went – not the best opportunity to speak to people, a few potential contacts were made e.g. Local Giving – but we haven’t won and therefore haven’t been invited to the awards ceremony.
We talked about potentially attending the awards anyway, standing outside and protesting the very concept of it all. The meeting is on the 21 April.
I’ll send out an email on the event after this.
5.Blogs and articles
One of the outcomes of the Beacon Awards was a contact asking if we’d like to do a blog for the Feedback Labs. This happens a bit – people asking us to write something for their websites.
We thought it may be good to batch together these requests and see who may want to do them. It was suggested that Yula may be interested as she does some writing.
6. The Funding Network
Susan and Patrick updated us on their progress with TFN.
Framework Inclusion (previous Edge grantee) applied but weren’t successful.
However what Susan and Patrick want is to have TFN meet with Edge, not have one project at a time considered.
We talked about different options to get Edge’s work included, which Susan and Patrick will continue to try to get a meeting set up.
7. Understanding Philanthropy event
This is an event we spoke at last year. We haven’t got a slot this year but it’s free to attend so we could raise our points that way.
It’s on the 29 June in Canterbury. Is anyone interested in attending?
9. Edge Funders Europe
There will be a European Edge Funders Alliance meeting in Paris over the summer. Isis went last year and we discussed how it would make sense for her to attend on our behalf again this year, to ensure continuity with the Baltimore meeting.
However we thought we’d see if anyone else wants to go with her?
The event is 2 – 4 July in Paris.
10. Doodle for next meeting

Please fill in this Doodle for the April meeting!

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