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26 June 2014 minutes

Sharing Group meeting via Skype: Linnea, Isis, Sophie & Rupesh
Here are some notes from the phone call, with a list of task items and a To Do list at the bottom.

Date:  Saturday, November 8, 2014

Place:  Manchester


  • 1st choice:  Methodist Hall (Collier Room)
  •  2nd choice:  MadLab, on Edge Street
     *  once we have a booking with one of these, we will ask one of Edge’s Manchester members to go and visit, to satisfy ourselves that it’s appropriate.

Invitations:  Sophie will shortly (within a few days) be sending around a Report Request to all ninety groups who have received funds; the Forum will be one of the options available.  We will allow three weeks for groups to contact us through the e-mail address, to indicate that they would like to report to EF through the Forum.  On July 20, if any spots remain in our target of 15 groups, we will contact the recipients of the first round and issue an invitation specifically to them.  If we still don’t arrive at 15 groups represented around the table, then we’ll move forward to the second round, and so on.



Sophie:  contact the venues; forward responses to the Sharing Group; book venue, once choice is confirmed by Sharing Group

Sharing Group:  confirm our choice of venue; mandate Sophie to book the venue

Patrick:  ask a Manchester EF member to visit venue, once booked

Isis:  once venue is confirmed, finalize the poster;

Linnéa:  visit Sharing Group e-mail in-box daily, prepare invitation to first round funding recipients

To Do

  • plan the day
  • identify facilitators
  • arrange for catering
  • compose and issue invitation to membership, potential applicants, etc (interested, non-presenting participants)
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