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25 September 2014 – minutes

Influencing Funders group
25 September 2014
The meeting today went ahead despite the fact that there was just two of us! We had a lovely chat about boat-life (we both live on a canal) and chatted about a few Edge things that formulate the basis of my notes below.

1. Participation issues
Obviously something went wrong tonight, otherwise there wouldn’t have just been two of us! Several of you were unable to make the call, but it would be great to know from folks: If you were hoping to make it but couldn’t, why was that? E.g:
– Technology challenges (in which case I’ll change to conference call or skype next time)
– Not being able to leave work on time (in which case we can have a think about better timings)
– Simply forgot (in which case I can send out text reminders earlier in the day)
– Etc.
No problem whatsoever, just let me know so that I can do better next time!

Oli and I introduced ourselves and our interests / donor contacts.

We talked about Gina of Esmee Fairburn, and our hopes that she becomes a full member as she would be a great advocate / resource for the group.

Action: Rose to get in touch with Gina to see whether she would be interested in offering advice to us.

3. Edge’s edge
We had a quick chat about what we thought were the key things about Edge that we wanted to promote to other donors. We felt that these were:
1. Range of people involved, diversity, and the democratic nature of it. Mixture of people and horizontal structure.
2. Decision-making in the hands of those that are affected by the decisions.
If you disagree, let us know!

4. Influencing strategy
We then talked about how it’s hard to know how to influence folk if we don’t know what their current practice is. Therefore I said I’d put together a spreadsheet so that we could begin researching donors that we want to target, so that we can see what contacts / leverage we have, and what aspects of their processes we want to change. Oli pointed out that could also be useful as a resource for groups that apply to us: alternative sources of funding!
Action: Draw up a list of donors and put them into this spreadsheet. (Rose)
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