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25 Sept 2013 – FG minutes


A few members have commented that they want to know more about who other members are and we have also talked before about a ‘skills audit’ to find out what skills and resources we have amongst the membership to share with each other. It would also give people outside of Edge a better idea of who we are if we can put up information about some members on the website.

We’ll start with the Facilitating Group, who will each provide a bio for the website. This just needs to be a paragraph to explain who you are, what you’re involved in/ believe in and where you’re based (also any particular skills or connections you have that might be useful to other members for the skills audit). Ideally we’ll also put up a photo of each of the FG, but you can choose something else, or not have one at all. It’s fine to use a pseudonym if that’s preferred. Deadline: 9 October.

Hopefully this will then encourage other members to provide information about themselves, either just to share with other members, or for the website.

Email communication via the members list is not working – people are not very responsive. This is probably because it is impersonal and people perhaps think that someone else will do or it doesn’t apply to them. Hopefully working in the smaller Working Groups will improve communication but so far they have not been very active.

Sophie will send a reminder to each Working Group to ask that one person from each WG joins the Facilitating Group and also that they need to recruit more members from those who weren’t at the London meeting. Ideally, each WG will be balanced in terms of location, gender etc. We need to ensure there is a synergy between the London and Manchester groups.

One member of the FG will be copied in to each email and will then take responsibility for chasing up and communicating with the WG until someone from that group joins the FG.

  • Isis – Sharing Group
  • Cilla – Welcome Group
  • Rose – Fundraising Group
  • Elena – Communications Group

The final meeting for Round 3 will be in January. This is around a year after Edge officially launched. At this stage we will have a proper review and a break of 3 months. During this time we’ll hold a proper induction meeting for any new members (some new members were a bit lost during the London meeting so we need something separate) as well as making some decisions based on proposals from the Working Groups. We’ll also produce a short annual report to share publically about how the first year went, who we supported, plans for the future etc.

We should set a date for this soon so that WGs have a goal to work towards, albeit it is still 4 months away. We should probably also think about how decisions are made in the meantime if needed. In particular, the Fundraising and Communications Groups might want to do something before then.

Facilitating Group will meet every month via Skype. To make it possible for Sami to join, calls will be at 7pm on a week night, roughly the same date each month, with a Doodle poll to confirm.
We’ll set up a folder on Google Docs for the Facilitating Group to share agendas, notes etc.

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