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24 April 2015 – minutes

Influencing Funders call

Rose, Isis, Tanya

1. EDGE Funders Alliance Baltimore event

Isis attended this and will be sending round a report and further info. It sounds like a really interesting event, with lots of donors and community groups learning and sharing. But unfortunately, as with the Paris event, it seems as though there was a striking under-representation of non-white people. There was quite a heavy focus on environmental or eco-justice, which we thought may have something to do with it. Isis will be sending round more info on this to the group later.

2. EDGE Funders Alliance Paris meeting

The inaugural meeting of the European EDGE Funders Alliance will be taking place on the 2 – 4 July, and the organisers have asked for someone from Edge to be on the Steering Committee (more info in the emails I sent yesterday)

The event is very focussed on foundations and influencing the philanthropic structures that entrench privilege. Therefore we really need someone from the Influencing Funders group to represent us and all the work we’ve been doing in challenging, influencing and working with other donors.

Isis suggested that she is hoping to go as a facilitator or panellist.  She was the only non-white person to attend the meeting last year, and has raised this with the organisers. Therefore it makes sense for someone else to be on the Steering Committee, because then hopefully we’ll get double-representation!

Tanya has offered to do it as long as she can get childcare and make it work. She’s going to review the questions we asked the organisers and confirm her availability. If she is unable to, then I am happy to attend. If anyone else is interested, please let us know in the next few days, as Isis has to let them know before the end of the month.

We agreed that it would be useful for whoever is going to come together with members to agree how we work with them and update us. Perhaps we can allocate time in June for this, potentially in person. Sophie, Nim and I are doing a session at the fundraising conference in July too, so perhaps we can coordinate.

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