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23 October 2014 – minutes

Sharing Group meeting via Skype
23 October 2014 7pm
Present: Linnea, Patrick, Aderonke, Ian, Sophie

Aderonke knows someone who may be able to help with preparing food but would need costs covered. He is an asylum seeker, so perhaps we could offer payment for preparing the food?

  • Aderonke will send through his contact details. In the meantime, we should check our budget. Patrick has also offered to prepare a soup.
  • Patrick will chase up the venue about their kitchen equipment/ facilities and also check exactly what refreshments they’ll be offering, eg soya milk, fair trade, caffeine-free options etc and if they have flipchart stands etc.

So far we’re expecting over 30 people from funded groups, some applicant and other similar groups; Why Refugee Women, Migrant Artists Mutual Aid, Shafted?!, Lesbian Immigration Support Group, One Voice Community Collective, Manchester Climate Monthly, Let’s Talk about Gay Sex and Drugs, Manchester Anarchist Bookfair, Yes Matters, Ajah, Salford Unemployed and Community Resource Centre, Disabled People’s Direct Action Network, Salford Star, Liverpool Radical Film Festival, People’s History Museum, Community Justice Public Review Forum + six members.

We ran through the agenda (which can be seen here: We agreed that we don’t want the facilitation dominated by white faces and felt that a team consisting of Linnea, Rupesh and Isis would be good.

  • Linnea will organise a call with Rupesh and Isis to decide who facilitates which sections.

We should keep a careful eye on participation, describing our values around justice and equality at the beginning and having a ‘process watcher’ to observe participation and watch out for any discriminatory comments etc (Patrick offered to take on this role). Everyone should feel safe and be able to participate freely and we don’t want people from more privileged backgrounds dominating the day.

We should be careful about how we describe ‘failures” if we’re wanting groups to share what has not gone so well for them they might be more inclined to do so if we describe this as ‘learning opportunities’ or such like. Sophie agreed to talk about some Edge mistakes and learnings to help encourage others to open up too.

We’d like the event to be filmed to help us communicate what we do. We have asked the Manchester School of Art, who run a film-making degree, if they have any students who might be able to help.

  • Linnea will also ask her film-maker friend if he could film the day.

We talked about inviting the press but concerns were raised that this might put extra pressure on the groups. It might be something to think about again for the next one.

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