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2 February 2015 – minutes

Attending: Ian, Cilla, Elena, Yula  Apologies: Sophie, Sami, Rose, Isis



  • Catch up from London meeting
  • Prep for Manchester meeting
  • New members
  • AOB


Catch up from London

  • Nim & Isis took notes: Action to ask them for them.
  • Felt like a productive meeting, but it was very difficult to keep to time and some of the discussions were cut.
    • The values conversation took a long time, and the question of ‘Who should make decisions’ didn’t get addressed.
    • Seemed to be some disagreement on what systemic change was – some people felt ‘harm reduction’ could lead to systemic change, others not. Definite sense that this needs more discussion, throughout the membership
    • Questions as to whether there was an over-reliance on the term ‘radical’


  • Proposal to combine 1 & 2 in ‘what we fund’ – general disagreement. Keep them the same.


    • Staffing proposal: suggestion to add two people in London, hot-desking (someone offered office space). Somewhat frustrating lack of engagement with FG proposal
    • Perhaps a bit of resentment about FG making decisions?
    • People didn’t understand the staffing proposal – possibly wasn’t well enough introduced. Rejection of proposal to change: suggested keep the same but encouraging social aspects.


  • Agreed on £3k max amount.


Prep for Manchester

    • Should we send notes from London? Felt that no, we shouldn’t.
    • Agenda should be ready – let’s send it out.


  • Action: Cilla to get in touch with Nim and see where she’s up to with prep


New members

  • The members that came to their trial / answered additional questions: yes, accept them – they’ve waited long enough! But the membership need to be able to hold us to account on this. Action: Elena to email the 3 applicants who answered extra qs.
  • Also, the other waiting applications – should we just send these to the membership & get approval on these too?


  • Staffing – really need to sort this out.
  • At the moment, 36% of funds raised go on overheads – can we reduce this to 30%?
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