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19 September 2014 – minutes

Notes from Sharing Group Skype Conference Call

Friday, September 19, 2014

Participating: Patrick, Aderonke, Sophie, Linnéa

Topic: The Forum for Radical Sharing


  • MadLab in Manchester is confirmed as the venue for the first Forum, which will take place on Saturday, November 8, from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm. The venue is fully accessible; there is a kitchen available.
  • Linnéa has issued waves of individual invitations to the recipient groups of the first, second, and third rounds of grants. There are four groups who have made a commitment to send someone, and three groups who will take the invitation back to the next meeting.


Next Steps: Participation

  • The RSVP deadline is September 29. After that, Linnéa will follow up, particularly with the groups who are in Manchester. The follow-up will emphasize why it is important to attend, with clarification that the presentations don’t necessarily have to be reporting back, more about what the group actually does (what works and doesn’t work). If the group only recently received the money, it’s okay to not have conclusions.
  • Also in early October, invitations will be issued to the Sharing Group and, the week after, the full Edge Fund membership.
  • Aderonke will urge the Lesbian Immigration Support Group and Rainbow Noir to send someone, as she knows both groups well.


Is there anyone in the Sharing Group who participates in a funded group? Would it be possible to touch base with that group and urge them to send someone to the Forum?


Next Steps: Planning the day

  • the Forum Organizing Group will be invited to Skype conference calls so that the day can be planned. A rough outline already exists: the morning will be about introductions from each group (fairly detailed, Patrick suggests specific questions be distributed), the afternoon will be Open Space, where groups can follow up on issues, ideas, or questions which they either brought to address or which came up. Aderonke is willing to join the Organizing Group for this part of the work, although her participation on Nov 8 is not confirmed.
  • Facilitating: Rupesh, Linnéa, and Patrick are all able to facilitate; Aderonke can, but may not be there.


Next Steps: Catering

  • Aderonke will check around her network to see if there is someone in Manchester who might be willing to cater lunch, so we can avoid Tesco’s. Coffee and tea are provided by MadLab.


Future Forums

  • Sophie noticed the low initial response, and suggested that an added incentive for groups to participate might be to follow the Detroit Soup idea, where everyone arriving give 5 pounds to the hat and the sum is given to a group at the end of the day. We agree that this is a good idea, but maybe better for the next Forum.
  • Next Forum date: London, April, May, or June, 2015?



Next Sharing Group Skype Conference Call: Thursday, October 23, 7:00 pm

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