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18 April 2014 Minutes (FG)

1. Member vote on proposals
We’ve had 10 responses so far, no objections. Whilst this meets our quorum of 10, it would be good to have more responses. Sophie will chase people up individually before 5pm Monday.

2. Budget
FG happy with the budget. Following on from the Fundraising Group discussion, we felt that it would be a good idea to have an amount put aside to pay members where there are tasks that need doing that take more time than we would normally expect of members and where payment might be appreciated (eg if member is on low income).

Sami has offered to write a policy that covers:

  1. This will only be for discreet pieces of work
  2. Any paid opportunities of less than (?) will be circulated around the membership, the Facilitating Group will then make a decision about who takes the job, taking into account points such as members need for financial support and this will then be sent to members again to give members chance to comment
  3. For any larger pieces of work or new positions, a proper recruitment process will be needed
  4. We currently pay £11ph (eg a day’s work is £82.50)
  5. We have done this before for our London and Glasgow launches
  6. How much we intend to put aside for this

3. Power and privilege training
All agreed we will move the session to Saturday 13 September. Sami is up for helping to organise, although feels he may not be the best person to take a leading role in it.

The Spark, a week long event of workshops in June, which has some involvement of some London Roots members, will have a full day on power and privilege we should encourage members to attend.

4. Round 4 timeline
All happy with proposed timeline.

5. Member survey
We talked about adding a question on nationality but decided that it was not necessary and may not give us useful information anyway. If we want to know members links to specific countries for purposes of application assessment or expanding internationally we can do that separately.

We agreed to add a question about any specialist knowledge/ experience and also an introduction to make it clear that we are asking for this information for good reason (to ensure we have good representation of many communities, to understand participation needs and to ensure members get what they hoped for out of being members) and will use it and that it will only be shared with FG.

Should then be ready to go. Sami has offered to call round some members. Hopefully others will help too, the Welcome Group?

6. Financial support policy
All happy.

7. Religion/ faith groups
We have various different wordings for the statement about supporting faith-based groups. It seems the general feeling is that we should support faith-based groups as long as we do not directly support any work that involves promoting religion.

Isis has offered to continue contact with members who have a faith to work on some wording to propose at the June meeting. Agreed this work should be led by people with religious beliefs.

8. Wording on funding application questions
There was just one question, about previous funding, that needed resolving. We propose the following wording:

  • Who has funded you in the past and how do you currently cover the costs of running your group? Have you experienced any difficulties in applying for funding?

9. Organising the June review meeting
Isis has offered to organise the Leicester meeting with Shareefa, a young artist in Leicester. Since we have paid people to organise events before, she has asked if she could be paid. We agreed this seemed reasonable given the amount of work involved. In light of the earlier discussion, we should send a message to the members list about this. The plan is to have a 12-5 meeting, followed by a 6-9 evening event with performers, and to use the Caribbean Centre which is threatened with closure. Isis thinks it will probably take her and Shareefa around a couple of days work each to organise.

Sophie will draft email to members and send to FG.

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