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16 October 2014 – minutes

Forum for Radical Sharing

Planning Meeting

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Participating: Rupesh, Patrick, Sophie, Linnéa (via Skype)

Regrets: Isis

Invitation has gone to the following:

  • all funded groups
  • all Manchester area groups
  • all Manchester area members
  • former Manchester area applicants and ad hoc research on aligned groups

to come:

  • all Edge members (Sophie)
  • Facebook page (Sophie)
  • Edge News e-mail (Sophie)
  • website (Sophie)

Last Gasp:

  • Marc Hudson’s climate network (late October)(Linnéa)

(don’t cap until 50 or 60 responses)

*it’s important that people who are timid about speaking or reporting to the entire group know they have support (ie: can have someone else speak their written report)


10:30 Doors Open

11:00 ­ 12:00 Welcome (Linnéa), ground rules, housekeeping (eat the snacks, lunch will be late­ish); Introductions from everyone in the room (identify yourself, your group, what your group does, if you received funding from Edge Fund, and if so, how much); Icebreaker (break tea / coffee / restroom)

12:00 ­ 1:30 Wisdom Sharing focuses on answering these questions, in various formats; these questions would help us to understand how you used the money and how successful you were, or what you learned from the experience (make it clear there is a time limit and there will be a Time Keeper):

  • what has your group been doing (mention specific successes or spectacular failures)?
  • what have you done with the money you received from Edge (if you did)?
  • how are things for your community?

ask each group how they would like to answer these questions, offering the options of whole group, break-out group, more creative ways, stalls (new groups automatically in stalls).

1:30­ 2:30 Lunch (a bit late, but let’s assume that folks had a lie-­in on a weekend morning and had a late breakfast, and that they took advantage of the tea & snacks available); individuals are invited to suggest themes for small group discussion during the Open Space period, by writing them on a flipchart placed in an accessible spot, and to add up to two stars to the suggestion(s) of others. Any theme can be identified, which may include an issue that came up during the Wisdom Sharing, asking for help to resolve a problem they’re facing in their own work, or exploring specific ways of working together.

2:30 ­ 3:00 Bring flip chart forward, identify themes, possibilities for collaboration, invite more suggestions – brainstorming session to identify themes and organize Open Space. (Linnéa)

3:00 ­ 4:30 Open Space, breaking into small groups around popular themes. Tea and snacks are also available. There is an explicit invitation to pursue collaborations during this time, as well.

4:30 ­ 5:00 Closing the day, including feedback from Keynote Listener, mention of any collaborations agreed upon, thank yous (catering, etc), etc.


Icebreaker: moving around, put you on a scale of how far you came, how long it you to come; mapping people’s origins, or where were you born

Catering (Patrick!!!): chili with bread? We need ask MadLab – what cooking gear is there? dishes, plates, cutlery? Linnéa to bring bread. We provide soup and bread, bring along anything you’d like to contribute or share.

Keynote Listener: Rupesh’ idea; we need to identify that person and invite them. Linnéa will ask Rupesh to move on that.

Facilitation: Linnéa, Rupesh, Patrick. Check with Isis. There are people who did the member survey who self-identified as facilitators; if we engage with one of them, we should hire them. Linnéa will ask Yula. Sophie will ask for facilitators when inviting the entire membership.

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