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15 November 2013 Communications Group minutes

Meeting via Powwow. On the line was Yula, Gill, Sophie and Mark.

We had an update about what other groups are doing, including Fundraising’s drive for monthly supporters, set to launch Monday Nov 25th.
  • How might we support that process? (With press etc.) Is there anything we’d like to do straightaway on this? (Perhaps by fixing up a story with a supportive journo, writing a blog etc.?)
  • Facilitating Group (FG): they know there’s an urgency about getting funds out, but want us to take a longer break between this and the next round. Final meeting for this round is set for Jan. Then working groups would propose strategy in mid-Feb. Do we have a budget? £100, until it gets looked at again. Then report back to FG afterwards.
Printed materials:
  • Should we disseminate these? If so, how? (I think they look really useful, but would like to ask a friedly graphic designer to have a quick play with them.)
Media: how to garner more mainstream interest, eg. Guardian (and if so, which section?); it’s Sophie’s view that we’ve been around for a year, and it’s a good time to get some wider publicity, not least because we have enough funds for perhaps 2(?) more rounds after this one. There was a suggestion that the one year anniversary could act as a hook for a story.
Radio: Yula is keen for us to explore this more; Mark piped up and said ‘what about a ‘radio ballad‘ about 5 or so projects etc.?’
Co-ordinating a series of talks for/to community and other groups would be a good idea.
Ways to build the comms group:
  • Everyone to email a paragraph about ourselves to the list
  • Email members list with a request to join us, (if needed)
  • Arrange face-to-face meeting: please go here to let everyone know what dates you can make
  • (The actual start times can be altered; they’re just to indicate morning, afternoon or evening. I would be happy to host (W11, near Holland Park/Latimer Rd tubes) or travel.)
  • Who’s up for joining the FG? (I’ve had a good stint there, so would rather not).
  • Who to co-ordinate our group? (Again I’d prefer not to.)
Here’s the original agenda:
  • Audit of communications – printed materials, website. Is it all easy to understand? Would be great if you get the chance to have a look at these printed materials, to use as a starting point:
  • Radio, video, podcasts.
  • Running stalls – should this be part of our outreach plan? Who should we target? Can we use stalls to help promote the groups we fund, rather than it just being an Edge stall?
  • Media/ communications strategy.
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