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14 December 2014 – minutes

Fundraising Group call
Sunday 14 December, 6pm. Via Skype.
Joe, Patrick, Sophie

1. Move Your Donation/ support grassroots campaign
This is planned for the New Year, focused on asking people to support grassroots groups pushing for real change, rather than everyone giving to large well-funded charities. Cath is working on some text for it.

  • It should be about generally supporting grassroots groups/ groups working for real change, not specifically about supporting Edge
  • We can make the point that charities cannot be political because of charity law but also their funders (eg government).
  • We could look at the total income of the charity sector, or perhaps one or two large organisations, and make the point that if x% was moved from there to grassroots it would be really powerful. Total income of all charities in UK is £64 billion, over 1,000 charities have income over £10 million. We could produce a graphic to illustrate this.
  • Would be good to talk about not just individuals moving their donation to grassroots, but also asking larger NGOs to earmark a small proportion of their annual income to support small grassroots groups.
  • We could use Thunderclap to launch it; people sign up to it and it automatically sends out Tweets, Facebook updates etc at the same time, creating a buzz on social media. We could also press release to charity media.
  • If Cath isn’t able to write something soon, we can set up Google Doc and start working on something together (there are some stats etc in Edge blog about Giving Tuesday)

2. Short film
We had Forum for Radical Sharing and the Round 4 funding day filmed. Reel News have the footage for both and will be editing something this week hopefully. This film could be used to promote the Move Your Donation, just a 3 min film. We could have a longer one as a more general film about Edge.

3. Media
Patrick contacted Andrew Bibby, who put an article up on his website but he doesn’t write for the Guardian anymore. Still hoping Zoe Williams might write something (emailed her again last week with result of groups funded) and Polly Toynbee (since she said she’d try to give Edge a mention next time she writes about charity, which seems likely given the time of year). Joe also knows David Graeber, who writes for Guardian and has been invited to speak at our fundraising event.

4. Other trusts/ foundations
Sophie is speaking with Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust this week, after assistant trust secretary Tweeted about our ‘exciting’ list of grantees. They may be able to support some of our grantees. This may also be possible with Esmee Fairbairn and Lankelly Chase; members of staff from both came to the funding day. Still seems unlikely we’ll get a grant for Edge, but we will hopefully soon receive large donation from individual which will put us in better position for considering having more paid staff.

5. Fundraising event
Confirmed speakers so far: Andy from DPAC, Hilary Wainwright and Jeremy Corbyn. Ritzy campaign will also send someone but not said who yet. Waiting to hear back from others. We’re hoping for about 12 speakers/ performers. The idea is that it will be an uplifting event, talking about successes etc.

Amanda has been working hard to get some good raffle prizes together, including, possibly a dinner date with Paul Mason. The idea is that people will get a raffle prize with their entrance ticket. There may be some raffle prizes that people are willing to pay more for, so we thought perhaps it might be an option to do an auction, but that might take up to much time. We could perhaps do it as a silent auction, which would take less time. Or otherwise, people can just swap or give away raffle prizes if they get something they don’t want.

a. North London Community Centre
Big venue (500 capacity), but accessibility not good and a bit far out.

b. Redmond Community Centre
100 capacity. £455 for all day (members meeting and evening event) including PA and lighting. Very close to Manor House tube. Good accessibility etc. Downside is that we can only provide 2 alcoholic drinks per person, we must advertise to local residents and we have to finish by 10pm.

c. Ringcross
Capacity 120. Small stage. £30ph. Near Caledonian Road. Nice community feel about it. Accessibility good. Stage doesn’t have wheelchair access and can’t use it during the day.

d. Finsbury Park
£420 for all day plus lighting, PA etc. 120 capacity, although only 70 seated. Can run until 11.00. But not easy to find (centre of housing estate) and there are a few steps down to the main area and wheelchair users would need to use a small lift to get down.

e. Kennington
Only available in the evening. £30ph. 100 capacity. Joe will have a look tomorrow.

We’ll make a decision on the venue on Tuesday.

6. Next meeting
Joe will set up a Doodle for the next meeting. We’ll need to talk again before the end of the year.

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