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13 March 2014 minutes (Sharing)

Forum for Radical Sharing
Organization Meeting, Thursday, March 13, 2014
Patrick, Isis, Linnea, Rupesh

Mapping must happen, first, before we make a firm decision about locations.

We will contact the membership and the successful recipients: “we need to map, so we need the first three digits of your postal code. We’d love to know if you want to get involved in having a Forum in your area.”

Linnea will write up the request for the postal address.

We have an email address at sharing.edge – can we use that? Linnea will be the contact person. Participant list in Googledocs, to be shared to our private email addresses, so we can check it at any time. We need to ask Sophie if we can set up an email address specific to this: “”

Bristol or Manchester in May (May 17)
London in early September
Glasgow in January

Provisions for a crèche? Or money for childcare? (better the latter)
Contact local people of either Bristol or Manchester to ask about interest in putting energy towards this?
Rupesh will start pulling together the invitation to the members and the recipient groups. It will be sent first to the recipient groups, who will carry the event (it will be important to have those fifteen chairs filled).
Isis will ID venues in Bristol (after March 22)

Content of the Day:
The people who are there identify what they will convene groups around their topics (other funding sources, gagging law, dealing with my own finances, etc)

Rupesh: shall we have specific offers in our back pocket? Hopefully participants will have desires, but we might have a few topics available. Rupesh will be on hand to facilitate a ‘solution circle’. Patrick will share his page on the circling of solutions.

Organizing social gatherings:
No to afterwards (if it happens, great – not our responsibility to organize it); yes to early gathering (for breakfast?) “Join us for a working, social breakfast”

This weekend – map the members and successful applicants
Next weekend: confirm location (March 22)
End of March – send successful applicant invites to the Forum
Mid-April – book venue
End-April – decisions re: budgeting (subsidies)

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