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11 December Communications Group minutes

Present: Mark, Sophie, Anne, Gill

Printed materials

Can we print the A5 leaflet A3 as posters and give to members to put up in local community centres etc? We could print 100 for the 11 January meeting. This would be for general awareness raising, for members, donors and applicants. The design would probably need bullet points to lessen amount of text, and contact details. What other materials might members use? Business cards handy for members to give out.

  • Mark: ask designer friends to look over layout of leaflet, poster, business card

Media coverage

We’ve been holding off on getting media coverage until we had developed a little in terms of who we are and how we operate. It now seems important to get some coverage so we can attract more donors but also outreach to potential new members and applicants.

Media would want a spokesperson. Story of how Edge started is important – how and why? Probably would want to speak to people who had been involved from the beginning and those who have given money to Edge. But we don’t want to be seen as an organisation only funded by wealthy people, would also not want to single out certain members. We’d have to change spokespeople each time. We should use media opportunities to promote the groups we fund. Would need to choose groups carefully to ensure groups reflect our values and aims well. We need to be aware that being featured in the media could leave people/ groups open to scrutiny, especially if the likes of Daily Mail got hold of it. We’d need support from Facilitating Group.

  • Anne: to ask funded groups if they’d be prepared to be featured in media articles.
  • Sophie: Ask some people who have given donations if they’d be prepared to be featured in media articles.

What journalists should we try? Bibi van der Zee, Patrick Barkham, Zoe Williams, Andrew Bibby (FT/ Indy) Ros Wyn Jones (Mirror) has written about Edge funded WOW Petition. Beth Breeze at Uni of Kent philanthropy dept may have contacts. Open Democracy, Red Pepper, Campaign Central, Left Foot Forward, Occupied Times always good for online articles.

  • Gill: will call Ros and ask for advice.
  • Sophie: contact Beth Breeze

Is it worth us trying to get Letters to the Editor published? Any member could write it, send to Communications Group for sign-off. If in name of Edge, it would need to be checked over before publishing, but members could also mention Edge in letters if they wanted, without being checked, if published in their own names.

We need people to write for community specific media, such as The Voice, Pink News etc.

  • Mark: will write message to members; ask them to join Comms group, ask for help to write articles and Letters to the Editor for various media outlets, ask for contacts with journalists and bloggers.
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