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11 April 2014 minutes

Meeting about promotional film for Edge

11 April 2014
11.30 – 13.00 at the Tabernacle, London
Present: Sophie, Isis, Gloria, Jo and Ian

A group of members met with a film-maker about producing a promotional film for Edge. After some brainstorming an idea emerged to base the film on a familiar format – Dragon’s Den – and have several groups present to a panel of philanthropists/ foundation board members. This would immediately show how funding is a competitive process, often with people from more privileged backgrounds, with no lived experience of the issues groups are trying to address, making the decisions (stats show the average charity trustee – presumably also applying to charitable foundations – is male, white and age 57).

The groups presenting to the panel would represent Edge type groups – i.e. small groups calling for systemic change and those led by the community – and would loose out to large organisatons led by professionals (with similar backgrounds to the panel) with fancy marketing and working on short-term measurable aims. The interaction between the panel and applicants would bring to light discrimination and power and privilege issues within the funding world and wider sector. It would end with a scene about Edge. The idea is that it is parody and therefore will be funny as well as speaking truth.


We now have a script for the film, which has been seen and commented on by around 20 Edge members and allies. On the whole it is a popular idea, but the script needs some work. The film-maker has offered to make the film at minimum costs, but it is still over what we budgeted for, so we’d need to either crowdfund for it or apply for funding elsewhere.

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