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11 April 2014 minutes

11 April 2014
Meeting with Anne Lane, Tudor Trust (at their offices)
Present: Sophie, Jo, Gloria, Isis

We met with Tudor Trust to explore any possibilities of collaborating or helping our applicants secure funding from them. We get lots of applications from community-led groups that don’t quite fit our other criteria, i.e. they are service providers or do other ‘charitable’ work that could potentially be funded elsewhere. Whilst we’re too small to consider funding community-led groups that do more mainstream work, we’d like to see them get funding elsewhere and Tudor Trust seem to be in a good position to do this. Tudor Trust support “smaller, community-led groups that are supporting people on the margins of society”.

Unfortunately, after a discussion about the kind of groups both Edge and Tudor Trust support and receive applications from, we concluded that there wasn’t much overlap between us. Tudor Trust’s average grant is £50,000 and only 10% of their grants go to groups with an annual income less than £20,000. Most of the applications we receive are from groups with an income of £20,000 or less. Because of the level of funds Tudor Trust distribute it is difficult for them to give more small grants to smaller groups, however, we tried to put across the case of how crucial it is at the moment to support the real grassroots groups which are having all their resources taken away (meeting space etc) and find it so hard to access funding elsewhere. Anne suggested that if we receive any applications from groups that are fairly well established and perhaps they are looking to employ their first member of staff, then we should direct them to Tudor Trust. Applicants can call a member of staff for guidance as to whether they should apply.

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