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10 September 2014 – minutes

10 September

Facilitating Group

Present: Cilla, Ian, Elena, Sophie

1. New membership requests
We are all happy with the final wording of the questions, although many of us still feel uncomfortable about having to go back to people. There are 20 people on the new members list that have been questioned by two or more people. We propose emailing them and asking them either to answer the questions or do the scoring exercise and giving them the opportunity to do this by email, over the phone or at the 20 September meeting. 12 people on the new members list are coming on the 20th. We felt it was important to be honest and sensitive; explain that the questions we asked didn’t bring out the information we were looking for in all cases and that we need clarification.

  • Cilla offered to write a draft email for us to send.

2. Under-representation issues
This membership call out still hasn’t addressed the problem of some communities being under-represented. In this round, there was a noticeable increase of applications from the trans* community and again some Gypsy, Roma and Traveller community. We weren’t sure whether it was acceptable to have our LGBTQI Advisory Group look at trans* applications. We have two people who identify as genderqueer. Also acknowledge we don’t understand enough about this to make a decision. We agreed that we should consider paying someone to do proper outreach work and also that we need to be prepared to be open to adapting to communities preferences and needs; for example, one member has offered to bring some migrant women together to look at applications since some are not online or don’t feel confident speaking English, sending them scoring forms is not going to work. We should also think about making using of existing events, for example, Right to Remain have their AGM soon and are bringing migrants to the meeting from all around the country via coach.

  • Sophie will ask some members for advice about trans* and GRT applications.

3. Christina
In the end Christina needed £2,000 to buy a flight out of the Congo. From the members vote, everyone said to give her the money, but there was mixed opinion about whether she should pay it back or not. Christina did say all along that she would pay it back if we asked her to. Have explained the situation to Christina and left it with her to consider and get back to us; felt better to be led by her than to impose something on her that might not be suitable, especially since we don’t know her financial situation.

4. Co-ordinator role
In the Leicester meeting we agreed that the co-ordinator role would be reviewed. Things like the number of hours, hourly rate, whether it should be under PAYE rather than self-employed, pension, support, who should be in the role and whether it should be divided up between the co-ordination, outreach and administrative tasks all need to be discussed. We felt that, should Sophie move on to something else, we needed to have an employment package that was fair and inline with our values.

Sophie has written a rough job description (attached). We decided to have a call dedicated to discussing this topic and will use the next scheduled FG call (Sunday 28 September at 12.00). We will try to work out what we think the ideal situation would be for paid work for Edge, without financial constraints, and how we might get there. For example, could we raise funds specifically for this?

5. Regular FG calls
Everyone was happy with the first Monday of the month at 7.30 for the regular FG calls.

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