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1 September 2014 – minutes

Communication Group – 1 September 7pm

Present: Debbie, Nim, Jess, Sophie, Mark, Aderonke, Susan, Yula (via Skype and then Powwow)

We started out discussing agenda item 1 – and the idea of a film or animation. There have been two ideas that have been proposed – a spoof film highlighting discrimination and issue of power within the charity and funding sectors and a more straight-forward 2-min ‘white-board’ animation to explain who we are and how we work.

  • We felt that the spoof idea was actually quite risky, we could end up spending a lot of money for something that is not very good.
  • The white-board animation might be a better way to go (and would cost only £750) but may not be very creative or eye-catching.

This led to a concern that we don’t have a clear communications strategy. We need to get back to basics about who we want to communicate with, what we want to communicate and why. It seems at the moment that we still need to get across who we are and our values in a very clear and simple way as a starting point.

We felt that it would be much easier to work on a strategy if we met in person (especially since Skype can be unreliable) and thought perhaps we’d try to have more meetings in general, perhaps moving the meetings between different cities.

Communications work so far

We have been doing some communications work, such as: writing articles, presenting at funding events, holding public events in London, Glasgow and Leicester, producing leaflets, press releases, running the website and social media – but most of our communication and outreach has been focused on our funding rounds and letting people know about applying and it hasn’t been done in a very strategic way.

A Communications Group was set up and proposed some ideas, such as podcasts, but has not been very active as there weren’t many people involved. We now have lots of new people interested in communications!

Some things to think about

What are our aims? For instance:

  • More money coming in
  • More targeted work to reach appropriate applicants and members
  • Challenging the sector

Who are we trying to communicate to?

  • Funders
  • Active groups
  • Everybody… challenge status quo, Edge changing the way people think about how things are, how we live – what we could do better.
  • What do we need to communicate?

We will have a meeting to develop this strategy at 7pm on 24th Sept, possibly at Nim’s office in Shoreditch, London. Those who can’t be there in person can join via phone or Skype.

Nim will have a look for an outline communications strategy which we can all have a look at in the meantime. There was a request not to use Google docs to gather people’s ideas so we will give the Edge forum a go.

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