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1 April 2014 minutes (FG)

Workshops/ skill shares
Since power and privilege very much affects how members score applications we want to start the workshops on this sooner rather than later. We propose the first one is 12 July in Brighton. Many of the members we’d like to go are based in London and it’s only an hour away – plus a trip to the seaside in the summer might be nice for everyone! Also, this date is before the schools break up (18 July) and before Eid (28 July).

The power and privilege training should be tailored to Edge, looking at what other funders support, how p&p affects how applications are scored etc. This can bring out issues around how groups may fit the criteria of other larger funders but in reality face discrimination behind the scenes (Isis has offered to look into this), how different communities have different approaches to change and how radical tactics (eg protest) doesn’t necessarily mean radical change (depending on the underlying message/ values). We’d also like to ask Advisory Group members to feed into this work, including what should be covered in the workshops and perhaps also writing some articles on p&p.

In addition to the workshops, especially considering not everyone will be able to go, we’d like to develop some guidance and a screening tool around p&p that’s sent out with the scoring forms to help people look at their own p&p and perhaps consider opting out of scoring applications where they have little knowledge/ shared background.

The other two workshops on facilitation and how change happens/ systemic change will have to come later as we already have quite a few meetings lined up. Hopefully through the member survey we will find other members with existing facilitation skills to get us through the next few meetings.

What do we need members to vote on?
Whilst we have a remit to decide on administrative tasks, as an organisation we would normally only make decisions on more significant issues, or anything that might cost more than a couple of hundred pounds, at a members meeting. As an alternative, we have asked members to vote on proposals where it’s not feasible to hold a meeting. In this case, we will give them a week to vote yes, yes (with conditions) or no to:

  • Final review meeting June 14 in Leicester, which will be followed by social event open to public.
  • Announcing next round June 14, with an application deadline of 8 September.

We can also let people know that we also have these events coming up and to encourage people to book travel early:

  • Power and privilege workshop – 12 July in Brighton.
  • Forum for Radical Sharing – 17 May in Manchester.

Member survey
We made some changes to the survey, for example, making some questions free-format:

We’ll send to some other members to check over before sending out to the members list. In particular, we need people to look over the questions on gender/ sexuality and disability.

Wording of member application questions
Leaving this for now, as there are other people involved in looking at it.

Wording of funding application questions
No great rush for this, so leaving until next FG call.

Covering travel expenses
We didn’t actually cover this on the call, but Cilla and Isis have drafted something for this, which I think now just needs to be merged with the existing statement in the handbook? Perhaps this can be circulated as a proposal along with the email where we ask members to vote on the review meeting and next funding round? We can talk about it next week.

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