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Example member application

Below is an example of a member application. It is 175 words in total (without the headings).

1. Who you are, where you live and the projects and issues you’ve been involved in (or interested in)

My name is Habtom and I live in Manchester. I am a migrant from Eritrea and am involved in many groups working on issues that affect my community. In particular I work with a support group which provides advice and information to migrants and aims to change government policies on immigration.

2. What sort of radical groups or activities you would like to help Edge Fund to support

I would like to see Edge Fund support groups challenging the racist immigration system in this country by empowering the migrant community and holding demonstrations.

3. What you would bring to Edge Fund

As a migrant and someone who works actively in the migrant community, I bring the perspective of migrants and have many connections. I also have good knowledge of the immigration system.

4. What activities you’d be interested in taking part in as an Edge member (eg fundraising, communications, scoring applications relating to a certain issue or community)

I would mostly like to take part in assessing applications from migrant groups.

5. We try very hard to ensure members with lived experience of discrimination and injustice are not overshadowed or dominated by more privileged people. What are your thoughts and experiences on this?

I feel this is very important. In the groups I am involved with we have non-migrant people working with migrants, but it is the migrants who lead the work. However, often migrant members need additional support, such as covering travel costs and translations, so this is necessary if we are to ensure they can participate.

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