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Edge Fund members make decisions together about how we give out money and how the organisation is run. It’s an exciting opportunity to work with, and learn from, a diverse group of individuals working on a range of issues. As members, we share the values of Edge Fund and agree to follow the procedures we have worked out together to deal with applications and other work.

Becoming a member does not stop you from applying for funds for your work. Since our membership is made up of people from the kind of groups we support, members often make applications for funding.  We have a Conflict of Interest policy that covers this.

More information on Edge membership:

If you would like to support Edge but do not want to be a member, you could instead make a monthly donation or be an Edge volunteer, helping with things like events, design and generally spreading the word about what we do.

Becoming a member of Edge

We believe in radical change, in real justice and equality. We value a variety of opinions and approaches, both in the range of groups we fund and in our membership, as we believe that it’s up to communities to determine what radical change means for them. We try to support ideas and activities that have little support elsewhere.

This approach is what makes us different from other organisations, it means that some of the groups we support have radical views such as being against prisons, national borders, the police or military. Some may be openly anarchist or anti­-capitalist. Whilst this does not apply to all the groups we fund, it is very important that members are open to supporting groups that have such radical views. Being radical is what makes us different. Please look through the list of previously funded groups for more information: Previous grants.

How to apply

To request to join, please provide the following information about yourself either in writing or over the phone. Please try to keep it under 200 words:

  1. Who you are, where you live and the projects and issues you’ve been involved in (or are interested in)
  2. What sort of radical groups or activities you would like to help Edge Fund to support
  3. What you would bring to Edge Fund
  4. What activities you’d be interested in taking part in as an Edge member (eg fundraising, communications, scoring applications relating to a certain issue or community)
  5. We try very hard to ensure members with lived experience of discrimination and injustice are not overshadowed or dominated by more privileged people. What are your thoughts and experiences on this?

Before answering these questions, you might want to read the following pages:

We ask these questions because we want a diverse membership of people who share similar aims, so we’d like to hear a bit about your values and tactics for creating a better world.

Send your application (without the dashes) or contact the regional organiser in your area.

What happens next?

As we are member-run, your application will be shared with our members, and to agree that it is a good fit and then we’ll have a chat with you after this to talk about full membership.

Membership fee

If your application to join Edge Fund is accepted you’ll need to pay a membership fee of £1. Please don’t pay the fee until you’ve heard back from us. You don’t need to make a donation to become a member, although if you can it’s very welcome!

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