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3 June 2015 – minutes

Minutes for Facilitating Group Meeting Wednesday 3 June, 7pm
Attended by: Yula, Ian, Linnea, Kwesi, A’Ishah

1. AGM Resolutions

  • Amend our rules: all agree to disapply section 83 (which requires us to appoint auditors). Treasurer will ensure sufficient oversight of Edge Fund finances will be applied. This will now go to board of directors for approval.
  • Secretary on the board: we do not know enough about this to decide so it should go back to the AGM/board.
  • Change our objects to reflect new funding criteria: we all agree to amend the first paragraph to the second.

2. Event/fundraiser after the AGM

  • Date: FG agree (however note from Sophie – it may be too close to our event at Spark)
  • Pay for Jennifer to organise event in Manchester after AGM: agree
  • Timings of AGM and fundraiser: agree
  • Need to find beds for the Londoners who want to stay. Otherwise the last train home is 8pm.

3. Printing leaflets

Agreed to go ahead with the flyers as they are for long term use

4. Staff Applications

  • Interviews should be done separately not collectively
  • We can decide on the location later, depending on where the majority of applicants are from

    We can send the interview questions to applicants in advance. Ideas for interview

    questions: How will this enhance the outreach of Edge Funds work? Which of our values draws you to Edge Fund’s work? Is there anything you would like to tell us? What would you do in this scenario? This is the future plan for Edge Fund over the next 12 months. How would you help us get there? What communities are you involved in?

5. Next meeting: Weds 10th June at 7pm? Yula will book The Feminist Library.

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