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28 June 2015 – minutes

Influencing Funders call
Rose & Patrick
EDGE Funders Alliance meeting
The document I circulated raised a few point from you:
1. Challenge of achieving aims when only foundation staff are represented.
2. Possible to have a model with grassroots representation?
3. Transparency and accountability essential.
4. Staff hierarchy.
5. Pressure to have large, expensive, time-consuming set-up.
6. Distinction from the US network – very different culture in Europe.
7. Distinction between community foundations and foundations working on social justice more generally.

Since I sent round the document, there has been a back-and-forth amongst the organising group around several of these issues (2, 3 and 6 especially), but also clarity of purpose, the difference between this and other forums (e.g. Ariadne), and specificity around what this group will deliver. We’re meeting to discuss this, but I think the group feels that these issues should be debated and agreed upon this week in France.

Global Fund for Community Philanthropy interview
The current answers are here. Please feel free to add / comment, otherwise I’ll send them over to the Global Fund on Wednesday.

Institute of Fundraising convention workshop
Sophie, Nim and I agreed that the focus of our session would be on the traditional foundation approach, and how this can create a power dynamic that entrenches marginalisation and the status quo. We will end on a discussion on how to do things differently, for example by
– Sharing resources with other groups
– Supporting funders (like Edge) that are challenging this approach
– Undertaking local community fundraising

Any suggestions or examples we can use in this presentation would be welcome – please send them to Sophie, Nim or I before the 7July. All thoughts welcome, it would be great to say ‘so-and-so charity are doing great things such as X’.
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