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1 September 2015 – minutes

Minutes 1 September FG call

Present: Rose, Linnea, Mick, Nim, A’Ishah, Sophie

1. Update on staff

Staff have taken part in an induction and started last week. We are easing them in gently while they get settled. Isis has proposed a supervision plan which consists of: a weekly call between organisers, monthly remote call with FG, quarterly face-to-face call with FG plus a local member as a mentor/ someone to chat to and me as day-to-day support. We were all happy with this. A’Ishah, Linnea and Mick offered to take part in the FG supervision calls.

We have the start of a workplan which was drawn up after the induction with Jon and Kwesi. A’Ishah, Nim and Mick offered to form a sub-committee to develop this plan with the staff, as well as working on any other short-term staffing tasks. We discussed developing targets of groups reached etc.

Rose offered to be a mentor for Natasha. Patrick has been in touch with Jon in Scotland.

We discussed the issue with Natasha being offered the position to work in the North but now wanting to live in Manchester 4 days per week and in London the rest of the time. We agreed that Edge cannot bear the cost of her commuting between cities. We want to be a fair employer so propose that we offer to try this out during the probation period and then review.

2. New members

We agreed that I would contact any former member applicants and send them the values statement and remind them about the trial period. Those who did not respond about the trial period in the past but were also not seen as suitable members won’t be contacted again. One member applicant, Fenya, has been to a meeting and done the scoring so should now be able to join. Staff will deal with membership requests in future.

3. Scoring system

We’ll send out a message to the membership to see if anyone is willing to apply Sami’s new re-weighted averaging methods to the scores from the last round to see what difference this would make to the short-list. This would need to be done in the next 2 months (so a decision can be made at the member meetings to discuss applications scheduled for 7 November).

4. Long-term funding

We discussed the idea that we ask groups to contribute to the pool, an increasing amount each year, and that Edge matches those contributions, x 3 in the first year, reducing to x 1 in the third year. Hopefully by the end the groups will be raising the equivalent of an Edge grant on their own. We would encourage them to sign up monthly donors throughout the period to raise those funds. We felt this would deal with the issue of longer-term sustainability.

We agreed that groups should agree with Edge values and that if they transgress we would withdraw funding. There should be a minimal review at each stage. Also we would hope that by bringing groups together every six months any issues would become apparent.

Groups involved would need to be groups with longer-term aims rather than short-term campaign groups. We could possibly only invite groups we’ve funded before to apply as this would give us some assurance that we know them already. We would need to think about which groups might be suitable for this kind of longer-term support.

We agreed to contact the members who were interested in developing this idea to give them the chance to take it from here.

5. Anarchist Bookfair

We all agreed with putting an ad in the London Anarchist Bookfair programme and having a stall at the event.

6. Next meeting

We agreed we should schedule a set day of every month for FG calls again. Sophie will send out Doodle to find out which day of the month suits people best. We used to be first Monday of the month but have had some new members.

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