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Get Behind the Grassroots,
Donate to Fund Real Social Change!

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One-off donations

You can make one-off small donations online via PayPal If you have a large donation to make, please consider arranging a bank transfer with us, so that we do not have to pay fees. Alternatively please contact us if you would like to make a single donation by bank transfer, GoCardless or cheque.

Why donate to the Edge Fund?

Regular donations are important as they help us to plan for the future, it’s also much more inline with our aims to be democratic, independent and led by the grassroots. Support dedicated groups challenging the status quo and demanding the change we need – pledge a monthly donation to Edge Fund.

We’re different to other funds. We’re funded by many people giving what they can, not by a wealthy family or corporation. When we have enough money in the bank we have a funding round, where we invite groups to apply for money. We have at least one funding round, every year giving away between £40,000 and £60,000 each time

We fund what others don’t. When you give to Edge Fund you’re supporting dozens of small, grassroots groups demanding justice and equality. Most traditional charity work offers only short-term relief to a problem. Working for justice means addressing why the problem exists in the first place – that’s how we create change. And when we have justice, we don’t need charity.

We have over 100 members who collectively decide where our funding goes. Members include people from the groups and communities we aim to support as well as those working in solidarity with them, providing a wealth of connections and knowledge to ensure we make the right choices. We support those who find it difficult to raise the money they need, often an Edge Fund grant is the only financial support they have.

Giving a donation to Edge Fund does not in any way affect an application for funding you might want to make in future.


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What people say about Edge Fund…

I donate monthly to Edge Fund because I see loads of people giving money to good causes, but most of the money goes into charity rather than justice – charity isn’t a bad thing but for me it should only be a short-term solution. I also support Edge Fund because I’m trans* and some of the social justice stuff affects me/my community personally. I like that you organise promoting it to different groups and sorting out who gets the money – I haven’t really got the time and energy to find lots of groups myself.
Alex, pledger

I give to Edge Fund because of your commitment to justice, your grassroots groups support and the fact that giving in this way means I don’t have to research the effectiveness of grassroots efforts myself, but can rely on your own decision-making process to make the best choice of whom to fund.
Nicolo, pledger

I give £5 per month to Edge Fund because I’ve been a fundraiser for 15 years and this is the most exciting form of fundraising for grassroots organisations I’ve ever seen, shifting power from the donor/ grant maker to the receivers, whilst creating a supportive network of progressive groups.
Tanya, pledger

Edge is very attractive to me as a donor, and as someone who has worked in many small organisations, because you provide modest campaign expenses, without expecting campaigners to jump through bureaucratic hoops.
Patrick, pledger

I believe Edge Fund is an amazing, groundbreaking and urgently needed experiment in radical funding. Being a member means I get to meet and make connections with an incredibly diverse and fascinating group of people.
Simone, member

Sitting down with other applicants and working out with them how to allocate the funds was a unique and fascinating experience. The process enabled me to meet people from many different campaigns and groups. So not only did we come away with some much needed funds but we also strengthened our network of contacts!
Phill, applicant

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Donors’ Agreement

  1. I fully support the values of Edge Fund;
  2. These funds are not being provided directly by an exploitative or environmentally destructive organisation; *
  3. I will not use this donation to attempt to influence Edge Fund, its members, grantees or supporters, or to benefit myself or my organisation by association, or any other way.

* We consider the following activities to be exploitative or environmentally destructive: those that cause climate change and exploit natural resources (e.g. fossil fuels, nuclear energy, mining, aviation, industrial agriculture, genetically modified crops), animal testing, stock market trading, producing products that are dangerous to public health or the environment, aggressive advertising, arms, forced, child or slave labour, any activity deemed to deny individuals (or groups) their rights to equality, self advocacy, peaceful protest. This is not a full list. We will consider donations from progressive organisations which share our values and thus aim to reinvent the way we share the resources we need, such as food, land, shelter and energy in to a way that is just, equitable and, at the very least, minimises harm to the environment as much as possible. This does not include organisations who mask business-as-usual via ‘corporate social responsibility’ programmes.

Thank you for your support!

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