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How to apply

We are currently closed for applications.

Here are the details on how to apply to the Edge Fund. We look forward to hearing from you!

1. Read our funding criteria and values statement

Please read our funding criteria and values statement to make sure that you are eligible to apply, and to help you fill in the application form.


  • We are a very small fund. The maximum grant you can apply for is £3000 for groups.
  • If you are a new group, 1 year old or less, the maximum you can apply for is £1000.
  • If your group is part of a national coalition, please get in touch.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot fund groups outside England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
  • We have never funded an organisation with an annual turnover of more than £25,000.
  • Your application will be read by some of our 100+ members, and may be shared with other applicants if it is short-listed.
  • Please be aware that our members may not have time to watch videos, or download any apps related to your application, but feel free to include links to them.
  • If you have applied before and been unsuccessful please get in touch before applying again.
  • Please see our funding criteria for more information
  • If your groups application is successful, you will be expected to help us promote the next funding round, and score applications – don’t worry though, its not hard work, and we will help you.

2. Download and fill in the application form

Please keep as a Word document. In the interests of fairness, please respect the word limits, and keep to 2 pages in total. Your application will be sent back to you for editing if it exceeds 2 pages or the word limits, which may mean you miss the deadline.

3. Need support to apply? Get in touch

Please get in touch if you need support to fill in this application form for any reason. For example, if it’s your first time applying for funding, if you’re unsure of what is required or you face other challenges, such as visual impairment, language barrier or any accessibility issues, we will do our very best to assist you. Reasonable adjustments can be made, including making application forms available in larger font sizes, coming to meet with you to help, or dictating your application to us over the phone. Please get in touch.

4. Send us your completed application form before Sunday 12th of November at Midnight

Email your completed application to or call 0776 712 6915 or 0300 123 1965 for help submitting an application.

5. What happens after you send us your application

  1. We will confirm all applications received a day or two after the deadline, if you’ve not received confirmation of receipt after this, please get in touch.
  2. The deadline for submitting applications is Sunday 12th of November at Midnight. After the deadline, members will collectively short-list the applications. Short-listed applicants may need to provide more details – we’re available to help with this process where needed.
  3. Decisions on which applications are funded are made collectively and democratically. You should hear from us in around 3 months after the application deadline if you have been short-listed for funding. We will be in touch during this time to give you a better idea of when you will hear from us.
  4. If your application is successful, and you have applied for more than £1500, we will invite you to our funding day, where members and applicants democratically decide which organisations get the larger grants. This will be on Saturday 17th of February 2018 (location still to be confirmed). For information about how this works, see our report from our most recent funding day
  5. Reporting back: it’s not a requirement, but if you have been awarded money from Edge Fund, we would love to hear how your work has benefited from the grant.
  6. Feedback: we do not provide feedback about your application automatically at the end of a funding round, but if you would like some, please get in touch once the funding round is over, and we will do our best to provide it.

6. Please help us spread the word about Edge Fund

Please help us spread the word about Edge Fund, especially if you work with groups who do not usually have connections to funding sources. We’re a fairly new organisation, and whilst we’ve taken time to work everything out so far, we recognise there’s still lots of work to do. We’re ever-evolving, so please feel free to get in touch with any suggestions, particularly about how we can make funding more accessible.

If you’d like to take part in deciding how funds are distributed, please apply to become a member.

You can find out more about the values underpinning the application process by reading the following pages:


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