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Our three regional organisers work 2 days per week to help answer enquiries and support groups to apply.

Natasha Nkonde photoNatasha Nkonde (South England and Wales)
As a community organiser and activist, I’ve worked with people affected by the housing crisis and benefit cuts, migrant rights issues, and experienced how invisible groups like QTIPOCs (queer/trans/intersex/people of colour) are affected. It feels crucial to remember that all struggles are connected under the systems of oppression that bell hooks describes as “imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy”. I hope to ensure that the voices of the most marginalised are centered in my role at Edge Fund.

Email: (without the dashes)
Phone: 07763 918 390


pale blue line

Jon Black (North England, Scotland and Ireland)

I am a community activist based in Edinburgh, currently very active campaigning for an end to rip-off rents and unjust evictions in Scotland. I am especially keen on bringing people together for a better economic and political system, one that works for everyone. In our workplaces, our housing and in the benefits system there are huge numbers of people struggling to get by every day, and big changes are needed. I hope that my work in the Edge Fund will help support groups fighting for that change.

Email: (without the dashes)
Phone: 07767 126 915

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