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London launch

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We’ve launched – please make a donation!

Edge Fund launch party from Edge Fund. (Watch more of the night at end of this page and here)

Launch party 15 December 2012, London.

“The Edge Fund Launch night was a great place to be on a cold Saturday evening.  So many like minded people gathered together in the same place at the same time. Almost like preparation for a new millennium – a most positive step towards the pronounced year of equalities 2013.  The wholesome snacks were great, the poetry and song talent of watchful people were even greater.  Watch this space!”   Kathy Mason, Community Gardening

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Wow! What a night! Thank you to everyone who made the Edge Fund launch the memorable night that it was! Around 150 people from a whole range of different community projects striving for social, environmental, racial and economic justice shared their stories. In Act I we had a funeral for all the injustices in 2012 and in Act II we celebrated what we are hoping for in 2013. Below you will find some of the performance highlights, kindly documented by the brilliant Media4Youth (further info on Media4Youth at the bottom). Watch this space for further Edge Fund events around the UK.

It is incredibly inspiring to know that there is a growing network of support to tackle all the inequality we face.  Edge Fund really wanted to celebrate all the great groups out there who could potentially achieve even more with a little more money. Also the launch served to encourage people to get involved  in the decision-making of Edge by becoming a member (after the first round this February), applying for fundingmaking a donation or volunteering (especially by helping spread the word) or all of the above!

JENGbA – Joint Enterprise – Not Guilty by Association – was honoured to be invited to the Edge Fund Launch Party, although we were also apprehensive as to what we could ‘perform’. But the minute we walked into those beautifully decorated halls we were warmly welcomed by so many likeminded Campaigners and our fears were soon allayed. JENGbA decided to allow our Inside Campaigners (the 350+ prisoners that have contacted us so far) do the performing for us. JENGbA would like to thank the Edge Fund for inviting us to such a wonderful evening, at times sad and emotional and at other times happy with amazing talent from wonderful poems to soulful voices; all performances delivering an important message to its audience. So we thank you for the opportunity to deliver ours.“ Yvonne Belardini, JENGbA Campaigner 

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Highlights and Performers Details

ACT I – a funeral for all the injustices in 2012 

  1. Rebecca Ubuntu is an emerging singer/songwriter and an interdisciplinary artist, mental health activist and community arts practitioner. Check out some of her soulful performance here . Twitter name is @RebeccaUbuntu
  2. Migrant Artists Mutual Aid with the 2012 Migrant story slam poet winner
  3. Selina Nwulu sharing her latest ‘Britain on Trial’
  4. JENGBA – Not Guilty By Association with ‘Voices from Prisoners’

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ACT II – a celebration for the birth of resistance in 2013 

  1. Matilda Macattram from Black Mental Health UK with ‘I Am Celebrating Victory’ 
  2. The Hip Hop Shakespeare Company – share their amazing Lyrics and Rhymes – if Shakespeare was alive would he have been a rapper? 
  3. Pete the Temp  – Hammer and Tongue Grand Slam Winner with the razor sharp ‘Spartacus’ and so much more
  4. Shafted?! Building the HIV Army – as the AIDS epidemic grows – what can be done?
  5. ‘I want to break free from the chains of inequality’ by Munira Mohamed 

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With Exhibitions from George Padmore InstituteBrandalism ‘Visual Insurrection and Outdoor Antics from across the UK’ – check the Brandalism Random Acts video, MissBadChildIllustratorDisability MuralsOccupy Design, ‘A War Against Disabled People’ by Stephen Lee Hodgkins and a helluvalot more. 

A massive thanks to all the volunteers on the night – Anthony Stoll, Wayne Bryan, Alethea Holden, JENGbA activists Gloria Morrison, Patricia Brown, Deb Madden, Yvonne Belardini – Sean Gifford on the bar, Dave Fuller on the piano, Kenya Sue, Patrick Boase, Ingrid Broad, Daniel Key, Rob Logan, Lotte Nuszer, Ania Jurek, Richard Houguez, Andrew Butler,  Sophie Pritchard, Amanda Sebestyen, Mark Brown, Joe Ryle, Adriana Rodriguez, suppliers including; Vegware, The Camden Brewery, Sweet and Spicy Brick Lane, Ozdiller Stores, Majestic Wines, Toynbee Hall and everyone who I’ve stupidly missed out – you made it happen!
More information on our brilliant MC’s

Tracy Howard is a campaigner, mother, youth empowerment worker and general mischief maker – well known for her pivotal role in tackling the 3rd runway, scaring off the architects behind the runway plans aswell as breast cancer awareness campaigning and much much more.

John Stewart has been a radical environmental campaigner for over 30 years.  He has given up claiming he started as a kid because nobody ever believed him.  He never tires, though, of producing pictures which show that he almost had hair once upon a time.  He was at the heart of the protests against road building in the 1990s and ten years later chaired the coalition which stopped the third runway at Heathrow.  He is proud to have been voted ‘the UK’s most effective environmentalist’ in 2008.  He is even more proud to have been denied entry to America in 2010 because he was seen as threat to the land of the free.

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A tremendous thank you to Media4Youth! Media4youth is a non-profit organisation. All profit earned is put back into the business. Media4youth actively promotes freedom of information where by all content collected is openly available to be used with joint copyright by other not for profit organisations and individuals to promote, raise funds and increase awareness of the issues. They encourage inclusion not exclusion.

Huge thanks to Dan Glass, The Glass Is Half Full, who helped to organise the Edge Fund Launch (including putting this article together!) Sign up to The Glass Half Full Facebook or email for the newsletter for more adventures to justice ……

Pa Madou

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