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Financial info

Edge Fund officially launched December 2012 with the first round of funding distributed in March 2013.  Before the launch a series of meetings took place to collectively agree the aims and processes for the fund. The first meeting was 21 April 2012. Below are details of our expenditure from 21 April 2012 covering the first year. Many of the initial set up costs before December 2012 were covered by the founding members of Edge Fund.

Year one finances for website

As of end August 2013, we’ve raised around £186,000. Of the total raised around 98% came from donations of £500 or more from 8 individuals and a housing co-operative; this includes £80,000 we received as start up funding from one individual donor. The rest is made up of smaller donations from individuals. We have not received any grants from any foundations or other grant-making bodies. Our longer-term aim is to be funded by many people giving what they can.

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