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Facilitating Group

Facilitating Group

Our Facilitating Group keep things moving along behind the scenes by helping to organise meetings, planning ahead, keeping an eye on how things are going and identifying issues which need to be discussed and resolved by members. Our current Facilitating Group are:


rose webRose Longhurst

My name is Rose and I live in Manchester but I work in London, where I live on a houseboat and provide charities and donor agencies with funding advice. I spent my formative years in the Philippines but moved to rural Suffolk when I was 6 which was quite a contrast. Although I was keenly engaged in alternative politics at university I’ve not been as active since, having only been involved with feminist groups in London for a few years. I’m excited to be part of Edge, especially as I think that now more than ever we need to support grassroots activism.

 Sophie Pritchard

I worked in grant-making before being involved in Edge Fund and felt that funders were missing a trick – by not connecting the groups they fund or allowing them to take part in deciding on the use of funds. Having funds to give out is also a brilliant opportunity to work out democratic and accountable ways of sharing resources which could be applied elsewhere. Prior to working in grant-making I mostly worked as a fundraiser for animal rights, environmental and social justice organisations. I live in Bristol.

Mick McKeown

I have been an active trade unionist for all my working life. First in the NHS as a mental health nurse and now in a university, teaching nurses and social workers. I am interested in the politics of disability and mental health and support relevant social movement groups.  I would like to see big changes to how mental distress is understood and responded to, both in society and care services. One of the things I would like to see is better links and solidarity between trade unions and such community activism. The Edge Fund is worth supporting in its own right. It might also, in the long run, create opportunities to develop activism that links across different groups, in different settings and with different goals.

Linnea Rowlatt

I have been an ardent environmentalist all my life, which was likely inspired by growing up in the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal. This passion for the natural world found expression in working as an organic urban gardener, volunteering with environmentalist groups, operating a biodynamic farm for several years, and starting a charity with the purpose of celebrating our relationship with nature. I am now becoming an environmental historian.

For me, the Edge Fund is a little bit like an ecological niche, where we all co-operate for the betterment of the whole. The determination of Edge founders to make sure the people getting funded are involved in the decisions which affect them is unique in my experience, and I will carry this model with me wherever I go in the future. Edge Fund’s latest initiative, the Forum for Radical Sharing, is proving to be a second valuable development, giving people the opportunity to come together among and across areas of activism to share resources and skills.

A’Ishah Waheed

Info to come

Phil Regan

Info to come

Yula Burin

Info to come

Nim Ralph

Info to come

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