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Timeline for Round 7

April 11, 2017

We usually have quite a few questions about our funding process, and when applicants will hear when they are successful. So, the following is the time-line for Round 7, with important dates for applicants and members:

Tuesday 7th March – Open for Applications

Monday 17th April – Closed for Applications at 11.30pm

Tuesday 18th April to 1st of May – Application administration

During this period, applications will be sorted and checked over. We may get in touch asking for extra information about your application, so keep an eye on email address you put in the application.

Tuesday 2nd May –  Scoring

Initially our community committees and advisory groups will score applications, (from 2nd May – 15th May). Then our general membership will score applications (from 23rd to 5th June).

Tuesday 6th June-19th June – Short-listing

In this period, scores will be collated and the short-list drawn up, for our Community Committees and Advisory Groups to look over, to ensure it is a balanced and fair short list. For more information on how we make the decision about who gets funded, see this article.

Tuesday 20th June – Short list Announced, and small grants awarded.

Early in this week is when you can expect to hear from us if you are successful, and our short list will be announced. Any groups which applied for a small amount, or were awarded a small amount will be send their grant. Applicants who will be awarded a large grant will be invited to the Funding Day. We will be booking transport for the funding day this week, so keep an eye out for us getting in touch with you about it.

Saturday 15th July – Funding Day for large grants

In Birmingham, applicants and members will come together to democratically decide how much money the applicants short-listed for larger grants will receive. It sounds intimidating, but its actually a fund day with the opportunity to learn about other struggles, and meet other committed campaigners like yourself.  You can read more about how the funding day works here.

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