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We are open for applications!

March 7, 2017

We are now open for our first funding round of the year!  We will be giving £40,000 to about 30 grass-roots groups, campaigning against the systems that cause injustice. We are accepting applications from the 7th of March until the 17th April.

What we fund

We support work run by and for communities facing discrimination and injustice. We fund work carried out by individuals and grass-roots groups in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England that find it difficult to get funding elsewhere. We do not fund traditional charity work, instead we we support activity that challenges abuses of power and aims to change society by bringing an end to the systems that cause injustice. While applicants may be working on short term reforms, we are looking for applicants that ultimately aim to end or replace unjust systems with a just alternative.

We have not yet funded a group with an annual income over £25,000. The average income of groups we fund is around £2,500.

Check out out our funding criteria and our values statement for more information. To give you a good idea of the kinds of groups we fund, you can also take a look at the ones we have previously funded.

How to apply

To apply for a grant of up to £3,000 you need to answer some questions about your group, and its activities – more details can be found here.

The funding process is democratic and participatory, and involves people directly affected by the issues you are campaigning on. We hope this makes the process fair and accountable. Check out this page for more information about our funding process works.

The deadline for applications is 11.30pm on the 17th April. You will find out if you are short-listed toward the end of June, and grants will be made in mid-July.

We need your support!

We can only open for applications when we have raised enough money. We welcome donations large and small, and particularly monthly donations as they help us plan for the future. Please donate if you can, so we can keep supporting those taking action for a just and equal world.

Help us get the word out! Please help us reach people and groups who don’t normally hear about funding opportunities – share this post via social media and email but don’t forget to also tell people at meetings, events etc, especially if you know they are not often online. We have leaflets and cards we can send to anyone who can help distribute them to people and groups who might be interested in applying. Get in touch if you can help. Thank you!

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