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We’re hiring!

May 18, 2015


Edge Fund was formed in 2012 to raise money to support groups taking action for a just, equitable and sustainable world. We fund small, grassroots groups and individuals whose work challenges abuses of power and aims to bring an end to the systems that cause injustice. This could be our economic system, our political system, or any system that discriminates against people based on their identity or background. We are run by our members, who decide how we operate and what we fund. Many of our members come from the groups we fund and we aim to have a membership representative of the range groups and communities we support. More information can be found on the pages below:

Regional organiser x 3

As a member-run organisation we aim to ensure all our members are actively involved in our work and decisions. We’re looking for 3 organisers working 2 days per week in 3 different regions to support members to do this. Whilst the organisers have responsibility for outreach, administration, fundraising and communications, the idea is that they will support members to take on many of these tasks. Some of this will be through the member Working Groups. Whether a member has a particular skill (eg fundraising, organising events) or perhaps a perspective or experience that needs to be heard, it will be the role of the organisers to encourage and support them to take part. What we’re aiming for is an active membership, rather than 3 staff trying to do everything. The posts are for a one year contract.

Location: Edge Fund operates in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, applications are accepted from all regions. We want to further expand our membership outside of London and South England and are therefore keen to receive applications from people based in north England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland. Applications from people based in London are still eligible.

Pay and employment status: We are happy for applicants to apply as a staff member (PAYE) or to carry out the role as an Associate of Edge Fund, taking on responsibility for their own tax and national insurance etc. The salary for a staff member would be £25,000 full-time equivalent (£10,000 actual pay) for outside London, and £27,000 full-time equivalent for those living in London (£10,800 actual pay). This includes 11.2 days holiday entitlement. As an Associate you could invoice up to a maximum of 728 hours (104 days at 7 hours per day) over 12 months, at an hourly rate of £13.74 outside London, or £14.84 if living in London. Which form of employment you prefer to work will not affect the outcome of your application.

Member support and outreach

  • Providing support to members in your region to enable them to participate in Edge activities (eg scoring applications, outreach, taking part in Working Groups). This could include organising local meet-ups so members can get together to discuss issues, share information etc. This would also include working with the Welcome Group to ensure new members are supported.
  • Working with members to research, contact and meet up with local groups, including previously funded groups, to recruit new members and applicants. This could be done by organising events and drop-ins.
  • Keeping members up to date through the Edge members list and a regular newsletter. This may need printing and posting to some members.
  • Working with the Facilitating Group to organise member meetings, including booking venues, ensuring an agenda is put together and we have members who can facilitate and make lunch, booking members’ travel, organising reimbursement of travel expenses, taking and typing up minutes and uploading them on the website.
  • Generally keeping an eye on what was agreed at meetings and ensuring action is taken to make it happen, via the staff, Facilitating Group or Working Groups.
  • Working closely with other staff, the Facilitating Group, (who are the accountable body for the staff) and the Working Groups within Edge; Communications, Fundraising, Welcome, Sharing, Influencing Funders Groups.
  • Along with all members, working to ensure Edge values are upheld throughout the organisation.

The following tasks would be divided up amongst the staff team:


  • Ensuring enquiries that come into the email account and via phone are dealt with.
  • Dealing with donors, including giving bank details where requested, sending thank you notes to new donors.
  • Overseeing and administering the funding application process; including logging and categorising applications, working with members to check for eligibility and clarity, sending out scoring sheets, collating all the scores and comments and drawing up the short-list.
  • Compiling and sending feedback to applicant groups.
  • Overseeing and administering the membership application process; collating membership requests and sending out to the members list, collating comments and sharing that with Facilitating Group before making final decisions.

Communications and fundraising

  • Working with the Communications Group and staff to:
    • gather stories from the ground (eg articles, podcasts, interviews, film, photos) from funded groups and sharing them on our website.
    • manage the social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook), ensuring voices of members are represented.
    • manage the design and printing of leaflets and other communications materials.
    • work with the media, including sending press releases. This would mostly be independent and grassroots media channels.
    • send out the monthly Edge News email to our list of supporters with input from other staff and members from their regions.
    • maintain website, ensuring the domain name is renewed when needed etc.
  • Working with the Fundraising Group and staff to:
    • prepare funding applications
    • organise fundraising events
    • organise appeals and other aspects of fundraising.

Who we’re looking for

Edge Fund stands for social justice, as such, we believe in being led by those with lived experience of the injustices we seek to address. We have faced some challenges in making this happen to the extent we’d like and hope that employing the right staff will help us to make the changes we need to get us there. We particularly welcome applications from people of migrant backgrounds; people of African and Asian heritage; from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex people; those from working class and low income backgrounds, disabled people and women. Whilst we will accept applications from people with experience of working in the charity and non-profit sector, this is not the kind of experience we are particularly looking for. We value life experience, real connections to communities and shared values over professional qualifications and experience. Long-term unemployed people are welcome to apply.

As we have over 100 members with different backgrounds, perspectives and skills, we’re not expecting applicants to be able to cover everything in the job description. You will need to be well organised and enjoy working with a range of people and groups, including being happy to meet and pick up the phone to people you don’t know.

How to apply

Please complete the Personal Details and Application forms (below) and email this to by the deadline of 15 June 2015 at 5pm. Please make sure you have read our values statement to help you answer question 3 of the application form.

We aim to short-list applications within 2 – 4 weeks of the deadline for the posts to begin mid-August, or earlier if possible. If you would like to apply over the phone or to talk to someone about your application please call 07767 126 915 or 0300 123 1965. If you would prefer to post your application please get in touch for an address. Whenever possible, we try to include people directly affected by our decisions in the actual decision-making process. For example, the process we use to decide which groups we fund was developed by potential applicants, and applicants of each funding round also take part in deciding who receives funding. Therefore, if you have any ideas about the way that we recruit staff for these positions we’d be very happy to hear them. There is space in the application form for you to add your thoughts if you want to.

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