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Edge Crowd-Funding Appeal

September 25, 2014


Last week we launched our first ever crowd-funding appeal and have received a total of £3098 donations from over 30 different backers. A big thank you to everyone who has donated so far.

The reason we’re doing the appeal is because we have received hundreds of funding applications, a total of 335 for this funding round. And so we have a problem – we only have enough funds to support around 30 of them, and in most cases are only able to give them a fraction of what they need.

We fund self-organised groups standing up against the injustices they face, whether that’s cuts to benefits, institutional racism, police violence, the abuses of the immigration system or destruction of the environment. We fund groups that aim to dismantle the systems that cause injustice.

It’s hard to believe, but often the work of these small but feisty grassroots organisations is funded by the group members themselves, even when many of them are struggling to get by on low incomes. But whilst they don’t have funding, they do have independence, meaning they are free to tell it like it is. They push for radical social change and are run on passion, resourcefulness and a determination to bring about justice for their communities and others.

We’ve put £40,000 into the pot for this round of applications. That’s really not a lot between 335 applicants and means we can only support about 10% of them. We need to raise more. Please help. One pound each and there will be 20,000 of us. Spread the word.

Web link to the Crowd-Fund:

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