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Community outreach strategy launched

February 11, 2013

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This week Edge is celebrating the beginning of a new stage in the community building process. New Community Outreach positions have begun to help continue supporting communities organising for justice and equality all over the UK. The overarching aim of this development is to ensure the fund reaches out to as many diverse projects covering as many different issues as possible.

Currently our membership and applications are not as representative of all the different people, communities and campaigns in the UK as they need to be. We realise that to reach a wide range of people we need to listen, learn and spend time on the ground with different communities. As a new fund we’ve had limited capacity to do this but are excited to now be putting outreach plans into action.

Luckily we have two people who will be working together in these roles one day a week and so a plan is underway to organise and network within many different communities across the UK. We hope by doing this we make sure word gets out to the right places ahead of our second round of funding which will open soon with a deadline of April 22nd.

Dan who has just started the job said:

“In the face of the most unimaginable horrors of inequality I am honoured to be part of the Edge Fund Community Outreach plans. Through the strengthening of our relationships on the ground the conversations within our communities are changing. Conversations around being victims and continuously marginalised are changing to being fearless interconnected communities for justice whom are questioning power, providing hope and building strong people’s movements for change.

Please get in contact anytime over the coming months with any ideas and questions. There will be launch events across the UK and regular communications of how to organise in our communities, watch this space”

Joe, our other community outreach worker said:

“I truly believe that if Edge Fund is built up in the right way – it could become an extremely powerful place of support for grassroots organisations and movements in the UK. I am looking forward to meeting and linking up with all the great projects that are out there.”

Please contact us to arrange a meeting if you’d like to find out more about funding available, becoming a member or contact point within your community or network, or for any other query. You can contact Joe and Dan at: or call 07767 126 915

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